What Are the Advantages of an Independent Insurance Brokers?

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Independent insurance brokers can offer several advantages, including:

Personalized service: Independent insurance brokers work closely with clients to understand their specific insurance needs and find policies that meet those needs. They can provide personalized service and develop relationships with clients that can lead to long-term benefits.

Access to multiple insurance carriers: Independent insurance brokers work with multiple insurance carriers, giving them access to a wider range of policies and options than captive agents who only work for one company. This means they can help clients find the best coverage at the best price.

Objective advice: Independent insurance brokers do not work for any particular insurance company, so they are not biased towards one carrier or policy over another. They can provide objective advice and help clients make informed decisions about their insurance coverage.

Advocacy: If a client has a claim or needs assistance with their policy, an independent insurance broker can act as an advocate on their behalf. They can help navigate the claims process and ensure the client receives the coverage and benefits they are entitled to.

Cost-effective: Independent insurance brokers can help clients save money on their insurance premiums by shopping around and negotiating with carriers on their behalf. They can also identify discounts and incentives that the client may not be aware of.


Not all Independent Agencies are created equal, there are some that will have contracts with companies that others do not have or are unable to obtain. It is not uncommon for Independent Agencies to be contracted with the same carriers. The difference is the Agencies that have hard to get contracts, they will have more options available for their clients.
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